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Kanchanpur, July 29: The number of tigers in Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve is found to have increased, thanks to improvement in habitat and sufficient food in the reserve.The improvement was a result of the management work spearheaded for protection of the endangered animal after the declaration of the Decade of Tiger. The number of tigers has been found to have increased from 18 to 21 in the fiscal year 2013/14, according to assistant protection officer at the Reserve Chandra Bahadur Chand.The number was made public today, on the occasion of the International Tiger Day. The government targets to number the number of tigers by 2022 and accordingly a special emphasis is being given to further improvement in their habitat and checking poaching, said Chand. Some three years back, the reserve had only 14 tigers. Nepal is home to some 155 tigers. Meanwhile, marking the international tiger day, a rally was taken out at Mahendranagar bazaar today in order to raise awareness for the protection of the endangered wild animal.



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