Organic fertilizer industry starts production

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Organic fertilizer industry starts production

Kanchanpur,28 Nov 2014: The Kanchan Organic Fertilizer Industry based at Banjari of Jhalari-3 of Kanchanpur has started production.

The Industry was established at a cost of Rs 4.4 million. The Ministry of Agricultural Development granted 50 per cent subsidy to the proprietor in the purchase of tools.

Use of locally available raw materials is the first priority of the industry in the production, according to proprietor Chudamani Joshi.  The industry has the capacity of producing 72,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer in a year.

It is in the process of supplying the production to the market. It conducted the sample test of the district-based lab and the test report from the National Laboratory is awaited. The industry established for the first time in the far-western region is expected to help farmers increase soil fertility.  The price of fertilizer is fixed Rs 25 per kg.

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