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Youth-Imparting a Passion


Imagine the day when you will get out of your university completing your entire academics and holding the certificates on your hand and being perplexed seeing the roads of opportunities. But still you are in confusion to embark on which journey. What will be your decision ?

I think you will have the hardest time to choose your career as you will have hundreds of trails waiting for you. And when you ask your seniors, you hear “ Follow your passion”. Right at the same moment, another thing may strike in your head is “ What am I passionate about?”. There reflects the undiscovered and lost version of yours.

Everyone tells you when it comes to choosing your career field that all you need to do is follow your PASSION. Now have you ever thought about what you are passionate about? Why is it so important to discover? How can you signify it? Let me try to illuminate these questions to you.

First of all, you need to discover what you’re passionate about. You need to have a clear thought that passion isn’t something related to your interest and hobbies. Hobbies are your interest that you do for the sake of relaxation in return but passion follows your obsession towards it. For instance, I love cycling. Whenever I go for cycling, I feel less burdened and live life to the fullest, which gives immense pleasure to me. But when I often cycle my muscles get fatigued and the very next day I don’t feel like doing it again. So, in this regard cycling becomes my hobby, not my passion.

Steve Jobs very rightly said that “The only way you do great work is what you love to do”. So passion can be regarded as an amalgam of what you love to do and what you are good at. Something that you are passionate about must excite you every time you do it. It gives the sense of immense pleasure and great enthusiasm to dedicate yourself into it.  

“What am I passionate about ?” should also be one’s quest to know about. Passion is not something that you can build it overnight but it’s only realized through small traits of self discovery. You should never draw the limitations of what you’re good at. Sky should be the only limit. So, get out of your comfort zone and try things out.

One can not guarantee that the things you’re doing now can be built up as your passion. But certain traits may give you that hunch about your passion. Find the thing first you loved to do since your childhood. Find the thing that never makes you bored doing it. Find the thing that excites you every time doing it. If you’re able then assume it could be your passion. But if you have discovered your passion then never accept economic value in return even though you have been following it sincerely. Passion may not add money to your life but it will add prestige as long term return value because the thing you follow in a devoted way will surely make an identity of yours in that particular spectrum. 

Since being devoted towards passion won’t help you with immediate value return then one may think “ Why is it so important to follow your passion ?” I consider it as being very important. Have you ever thought about what is the purpose behind your existence? Following your passion will definitely make you realize that sense of purpose in life. Following your passion, knowingly or unknowingly will discover something out of you that you can contribute to the world as a payback. This will, in true sense, fulfill your purpose of existence. At this pace of time where everyone is in hustle to maintain their identity, your work, dedication and passion can help you to build up a unique identity. As passion is something that gives immense joy to a person, so the remaining happiness will be the payback to you. And in between this chaotic situation of life where struggle, challenges and hustle have left a person devoid of hopes. Thus, following your passion would create the sunshine, happiness, and zeal in life.

Accordingly, your passion gets a true sense of purpose only when you maintain that consistency. And at this time where youth seem to be acting like a hopper (jumping out of things by completing or not) will help them to maintain the persistence in life. This will add as great value that will not just be helpful in personal life but in professional one too.

Also, for today’s youth, they seem to be in more confusion and brewing themselves to find out what’s best. Finding out your passion is equally significant. Especially for those teens who have this greater zeal to do and achieve something you need to start the journey of the things you are good at, from this point of time. Otherwise one may be in a situation like the aforementioned student who has no clear idea about the next step to opt for.

So teens find your good pace and shine to conquer the world.

-Madhu Dhakal