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Poll: Hillary Clinton Would Be Worth As Foreign Affair President


May 16, 2015: As per new poll Americans are more likely to say Hillary Clinton, the former first lady who is the leading hopeful for Democratic nomination for the 2016 race to the White House would do a good job handling foreign affairs as president, but they believe that her greatest strength would be race relations.

The opinion poll agency said that regarding her background including four years as America`s top diplomat, along with eight years as a US senator and eight years as first lady in the White House, Clinton`s prior service could be seen as a major plus for her presidential credentials.

As per the source republicans and others, however, have criticized aspects of her tenure at the State Department, a time that involved her handling of the terrorist attacks at the Benghazi consulate and her handling of emails while secretary.

Similarly, Americans give Clinton a net rating on foreign affairs of +13, which is roughly the same as healthcare and the economy, but behind the +22 rating she receives for her potential to deal with race relations. With more Americans rating her tenure as outstanding or above average than rating it below average or poor, Americans are somewhat mixed in their evaluations of Clinton`s four years as secretary of state.

With the rest saying her job performance was average the positive group consists of 38 percent of Americans, while the negative group represents 27 percent. According to Gallup, Clinton`s experience as secretary of state does not appear to be either an exceptionally strong positive for her or a strong negative with the US public.HI


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