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Disaster management training reducing threat of family squabbles
Disaster management training reducing threat of family squabbles

May 16, 2015: Regarding a importance of cleanliness a mega clean-up campaign has been organized in and around the premises of the quake-collapsed buildings and different heritages in the district today.

The campaign of removing the waste began last Saturday. By the led of Chief Secretary Lilamani Poudyal Government officials and other locals joined the campaign.He further said that at this time of national tragedy the people were expecting generous cooperation and supports from all sides.The wastes were collected and removed from the sites as part of the campaign today.

The campaign was begun from the different six points of the Bhaktapur city since 7 am to 10 am.The clean-up campaign has been organized in 50 places in Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu district today. Meanwhile, the students of Vocational Academy run by the RP Foundation are involving in heritage protecting campaign even by retrieving the artifacts and other articles of historical importance from the wastage of the heritage sites.

Students are involving in excavation of the temples, stone taps among other historical and cultural heritages, saidRabindra Puri, chairman at the foundation.

The participation of government officials, media persons, security personnel, contractors, representatives of various organisations was found less in number than the last Saturday but the participation would be made more effective from coming Saturday, said Chief Secretary Poudyal.

Likewise, he said that the Bagmati River Clean-up Campaign was diverted to debris removal after the April 25 massive earthquake and subsequent aftershocks hit the country causing huge damages.He further added that unless the wastage which was collected by quake devastation doesn’t clear up the campaign would continue.


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