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Rescue, Relief And Waste Clearance Jobs Still On Track By NA

Rescue, Relief And Waste Clearance By Nepal Army

May 11, 2015: The rescue and relief operations as well as waste clearance have been continued by the Nepalese Army (NA) personnel like in the previous days from the earthquake affected areas.

Since the day of April 25 earthquake the NA personnel have been working uncompromisingly in the relief, rescue and waste clearance job by fully utilizing the available means and resources, according to a press statement from the NA Public Relations Directorate.

In order to make the rescue and relief distribution jobs further effective in a coordinated fashion, Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) Gaurav Shumsher JBR met with Rescue Team Commander of Indian Army Major General JS Sandhu, US Army’s Brigadier General Paul Kennedy, Commanding General of Joint Task Force 505 (Forward) and Air Commodore of UK Primary Joint Headquarters (Forward) JC Bessell at the NA Headquarters on Sunday.

As per the source, to make the rescue, relief and treatment services further effective Chief of Army Staff (CoAS ) JBR held discussions with medical team leaders of Thailand, Pakistan and India and also the issues of mutual interests and relations were discussed.

Similarly, to clear the waste from the quake-hit areas bunches of keys of four Caterpillar Excavatprs and equal number of Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders for free for three months to the NA was handed over by lawmaker and proprietor of Kalika Construction Company Bikram Pandey .


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