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SAARC special article 18- Remittance and labour migration in SAARC
SAARC special article 18- Remittance and labour migration in SAARC

Kathmandu, November 20, SAARC Handicraft Exhibition & 12th Handicraft Trade Fair of Nepal has started from yesterday. 5 day long exhibition is being held in Exhibition hall, Bhrikutimandap. This program is jointly organized by SAARC Cultural Centre Srilanka, Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal and Government of Nepal; Ministry of Commerce and Supplies. With motive of enhancing export trade and market promotion of Nepalese handicraft products nationally and internationally through exhibition and trade fair, this exhibition has been organized.

After inaugurating the event, Minister of Industry, Mahesh Basnet said that handicrafts has been playing a great role in national economy and has been creating employment opportunities for thousands of youths in the nation. “For the promotion of Nepali handicraft industry, the government has expedited works to open handicraft village in every development region”, he further added.

Objectives of the event:

  • To educate the participants with processes, procedures, regulations and values of trade fairs
  • To prepare the participants for participation in international trade fair.
  • To provide the opportunity to participants to witness the competitor’s product.
  • To provide forum for direct meeting between local exporters and producers of handicraft.
  • To provide opportunity for buyers and sellers of handicrafts.
  • To apprise the local consumers and concerned traders about the various handicrafts and new products produced in the country.

With the total of 203 stalls including Arts & Crafts, Gift wares, Handicrafts and Decorative Articles, this exhibition will be an international platform for local producers to stand in international level.


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