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Seven Technologies that every business must have

Modern computer technology in business illustration with wireless device

It is no secret that technology is the best friend for business startups. From accounting software to data management software and from Internet to Email, technology is proving friendly to business owners. Many businesses have similar technology needs. And, depending on business types, few systems need to be added up. So, here are seven basic things that a startup should have.

Technology Consultant

As much as people seek for professionals like lawyers and accountant, they need a technology consultant whom they can trust, who knows what their business is going to need. This will be the same person who is going to guide you through all the technology growth by being on your side. You just need to check their past works how feasible they are to you.

Internet Access

Internet is life blood to technology. No matter whether your business is online or not, you are going to need the internet connection with really good speed to make your client show that you support virtually too. Because the time for calls and texts are being outdated these days.

And If your business is online based the high-speed internet speed can be life savior to you.

Website & Web hosting

Similar to a person being recognized by their face, businesses are also being recognized by their websites in today’s era. As you invest money in other sectors, website is one of the major areas where you should be concerned more, because it is the identity for your business.

Not only that it provides your business an identity and information about your product and services to your probable clients, it also shows how much you care about your customer and how good your customer service is.


It is totally unprofessional if you are running a business and still stuck with Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook unless you represent them. It is very easy have the email account on your business name, as your web host provides it free of cost. For that, you either have to consult your webmaster or your technology consultant. It not only keeps your data within yourself but also increases trust for your clients.

Internet Security

There is a solution to every problem. If you think you might get security issues with Internet that can affect your business. Here, you just have to arrange some Security options. Your computers and networks must have firewall and anti-virus software with internet security option. Make sure it is well configured by a network security consultant and get a help of security researcher if you store your most of Business data is kept online.

Management software

There are many types of management software which are available in the market just make your work easy and efficient like Employee management software which will manage records of employee working hours, vacation time and sick leave they took, along with overtime and projects they completed. Accounts management software, Pharmacy management software and so on.

Credit card processing & POS system

In today’s market cash is no longer a king.  People like to carry cards for their ease. The system of Credit Card processing and POS allows accepting all form of payment such as major debit and credit cards. This service also makes sure the customer information is safe and encrypted.

POS system is mainly for retailers, shops and restaurants, and basically contains touch-screen monitors, terminals facility, receipt printers, and so on.

By Ajay Pandey