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Style Play for Tall Women !!


26 October, 2015: According to most women, tall women are never meant to be sad. People perceive shortness as a fault, but you never know how difficult it might be for a tall women to get clothes. We do understand and we believe that shortness or tallness isn’t a fault. It only specifies the stature while choosing her clothes and shopping for some new wardrobe.

1. Wear awesome shoes:


Firstly, change the myth that you are not allowed to wear high heels. you are free to wear your elegant heels or wedges. But what you have to know is that your shoes must be perfect and awesome, regardless the occasion or outfit you wear/have. The very first thing everyone notices or checks out is the shoes of a women that is too tall in order to find out whether she is naturally tall or lifted by high heels.

Attention is always on your shoes ladies !!


2. Oversize Accessorize:

darkfreya-199x300Wear extra large accessories with no fear and doubt! You are tall enough to carry long earrings or necklaces. This really makes you look attractive and super impressive !!





3. Know the accent of your body:


There are three main body parts you should put accent on for tall women. First, highlight the neck- either by leaving it naked or with a big accessories. Second, pay attention at top outfit parts, as it is where the ordinary person-height focuses his/her look at. Lastly, always have a nice manicure, because you hands are on main display too !!




4. Keep it simple and classy:


My personal opinion is that a tall women looks her best in simple and classy outfits. You are too tall to wear extra bright and overdosed outfits. This does not definitely  support the explanation for the new fashion trends, but it is seen that tall girls indeed look better in an outfit that are simple and classy; simply an elegant  lady !!



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