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The Better Parent


There is a saying that the baby who is scolded by a mother runs after mother for support; when we seek in reality, we can see that this saying is hundred percent practical with no doubt. I want to relate the same saying for expressing my view in a question who is the better parent father or mother? In my opinion, both of them share equal credit in raising children.

Parental responsibilities are not easy; the roles of being a parent is important to make children prepared for the future. The way how our parents treat us affects greatly in our future growth both mentally and physically. We can see that women hold a great bond with all the family members specially with children and becomes a good friend. Whereas in another hand men are the ones who manage the economic status of the family. Both father and mother have great responsibilities and great importance in family. To compare who is better in parenting, first of all, it is important to have a strong bond with every family member.

In my point of view, a good parent should be able to guide their children as well as support them and give them good care not just manage the economy of the family. Many people believe women make better parents than men since the dawn of the. Throughout the history, women have a great role in raising children in many societies and some other people claim men make good parents than women.

In our society, it is just like a tradition for a woman to look after her children and provide them good care. What my point is from the early times’ women in our society are habitual as housewives, who manage all the households works and children too and most of the men are habitual in managing the economy.

Looking at the current situation of Nepal, I conclude that both men and women share equal proportion in raising the children. Raising children is definitely a very challenging task for the parents. Even if the proportion is not balanced, there will be an impact on the children. So, both father and mother hold a major role in the family. Their contribution is more effective when it is better to share the responsibilities as much as sharing love.

Talking about me, I always get attached to the mother and feel free to reach out for anything. I share my feelings with her. My Mother is a good role model for me, and I always try to follow her. I agree, my father termed as my ideal hero for me. He always struggles so much in order to win bread for the family. His struggle teaches me to study better with a dream to help the family financially in the future. He is a source of inspiration for me on how to be a strong and better person in life. This helps me to grow as better and responsible citizens in the future.

-Swechha Poudel