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The International Youth Math Challenge


The International Youth Math Challenge (IYMC) is one of the biggest math competition for students from all around the world: Unleash your creativity, knowledge, and math skills to win awards and cash prizes worth over 700 USD – take this unique opportunity and participate today!

IYMC gives you the unique opportunity to unleash your math skills and to apply them to challenging problems. Participants can receive certificates, awards, cash prizes, and global recognition.

A successful participation allows you to join the IYMC network;and get the chance to connect and exchange with outstanding, similar-minded, and inspiring students worldwide.



In order to participate in IYMC, you have to be a high-school or university student. Depending on your age (over 18 years or under 18 years) you will have to solve more problems to qualify for the next round.

To solve the problems you should be smart, open-minded, and creative. You should have a working internet connection to submit your solution online.

Students from all grades and all countries are invited to participate.


There will be three rounds;

Qualification Round 2019

To qualify for the pre-final round you have to solve at least three (under 18 years) to four (over 18 years) of the five problems correctly. The math problems vary in topic, difficulty, and subject. The problems range from geometry to number theory to make sure that everyone finds interesting problems to work out! This competition will sharpen your mind and prove your math skills!


Pre-Final Round

Successful participants can register for the pre-final round in October. You have one week to solve 10 problems of three types: 4x basic problems, 4x, advanced problems, 2x special-creativity problems.

Final Round

Successful finalists can participate in the final round. Selected participants will have an exam of 60 minutes supervised by a supervisor.

All participants will receive participation certificates. The best students who stand 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive price with 200 USD, 150 USD, and 100 USD respectively.

Application Deadline: September 29, 2019

For further more details visit the official website of IYMC as per the link given below: