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5th Anniversary Note


5 Years, its been a great journey with lots of memories, winning accolades, failures, opportunities, challenges but to the most, learning and collaboration.

On 1st August 2014, we initiated the Glocal Journey with just one mission to bring out the news and views of youths and their activities via www.glocalkhabar.com and we have been continuing that. Since then we have been working on different projects, activities, ventures with our beloved name “Glocal”, which basically supports, empowers and enriches people with information, knowledge, exposure, exchange of ideas, strategies and implementation.

We have been working majorly on the development of teenagers, to provide them platform of opportunities, Glocal Teen Hero and Glocal International Teen Conference. The initiation of the project was done while we were to leave of teenage and the very first Glocal Teen Hero was held on Today, 1st of August 2015. We have completed 4 consecutive years of awarding teengars and have been working with 51 inspiring teenagers from allover Nepal till now. With Glocal International Teen Conference we are able to understand and work with teenagers from about 42 different countries directly.

With a lot of support from you all and our collaborators we have always been able to aim higher and now we are distributing the franchise of Glocal Teen Hero to different countries, of which we have already completed a year of operation for Glocal Teen Hero India.

We have been able to work with different coporate houses, educational institutions, diplomatic organizations and government organizations on our projects with our different ventures – Glocal Khabar, Glocal After School, Glocal Teen Hero, Brand and CSR Consultation.

We have been awarded, rewarded for differemt works that we do and that motivates us to do more, at the same time we have had failures in doing a lot projects, activites and that gives us learning and help us to develop our capacity further more to achieve it in a better way.

The collaborators of Glocal on different project, our clients has a great role in developing the way we work and expand.

All these works of five years of journey is only possible because of the the awesome team we had and have currently. Everyone who has been a part of Glocal since 2014 has a great hand in the foundation of Glocal, shaping the way it is this far, and will alwayd have their hand in what we do in future.

Today, I am proud to have such a team who can lead the works that Glocal has been doing and further I can invest my time in something new.

These 5 Years have been a great journey and we are looking forward to have more and more years to be celebrated together.

Happy 5th Anniversary.

Asish Thakur,

Executive Director