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I am on my 20s struggling and paving way towards a secured lifestyle and career. I am working to shape my life and make it beautiful, as I have always believed that life has a purpose. Today I want to recall my teenage days, those days when I was just confused about my life; so many interests, so many dreams, fear of rejection and being judged.

I always wanted to be a social worker and tried to help people around me, as I thought this way I can benefit society. You don’t need to be doctor or nurse to serve the mankind. That’s what I have been believing since my childhood. I used to visit orphanage, old age homes, celebrate my birthday there, help people in my community during sanitation and cleaning programs, take classes to educate the kids and not only that, I used to collect children from the community who were kids of the workers in the construction sites and teach them dancing. This was the most I could so at that age of my life.

Apart from lessons in the school, these kinds of real life lessons helped me a lot to learn and encouraged me to take an initiative to do more for our society. On the process of working it, I felt that the work was not been recognized at all. While in school, we were asked to focus in our studies while other activities wasn’t encouraged and admired. But I always knew what I really wanted to do and never listened to them. Me as a teenager with way mind understood what actually real peace of mind is. So, I believed being extraordinary and that gave me a title of Miss Talent when I was in Grade 8.

However, along with me there were other my friends who were so creative. They also had many different skills apart from studies which were never recognized. But time doesn’t stay same. My teenage days were different, we were made to focus in studies more. But now the teens of today has many different platforms where their initiation, creativity and work can be recognized. One of the best platform who can give reorganization to the work is Glocal Teen Hero Award. It’s such a promising award for the dedicated teenagers.

If I was a teen of today, I would definitely apply in GTH. But however I am happy for all those teens who can apply for Glocal Teen Hero as per the requirements. They have the platform to share their ideas, skills, build networking and also work with the likeminded teens to bring the change. The initiation of recognizing teens through an amazing platform like Glocal Teen Hero is such a beautiful approach and I think the teens today are fortunate and lucky to get this kind of platform. It is an awesome platform which believes and recognize the dream and power of teenagers who desire to create a difference in society, where you can showcase how your work is influencing others in a positive way that can benefit humanity. It gives teenagers an opportunity to prove “Age Is Just a Number”.

-Saru Pyakurel