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Things you need to carry on your bag


04 September, 2015: Bag is like women’s best friend. It comes with you everywhere and holds all of your secrets. Maybe not all secrets, but if you dumped it you might find tons of stuffs a women holds. Aside from having wallet and keys, we’ve picked out some absolute essentials.
Here are the things:

Hand sanitizer: Women are always on the move and it is common for them to come in touch with several things every day. So, it is important to keep a hand sanitizer to disinfect their hands.

Medicine: Carrying tablets for headache, stomach ache, fever and pain killers are a must. Also, carry a basic ointment for cuts, and band aids in your handbag.

Makeup essentials: Women pay attention to their looks, and if you are asked to go for a meeting outside office, it is important to present yourself well. Carry makeup essentials in your handbag like baby wipes, face moisturizer, kajal, lip gloss / lip stick, sunscreen and a hair brush.

Mouth freshener, perfume/Deodorant: What can be worse than a body that smells? While women are particular about how men smell, it is a must for them to carry a deo/perfume to work. Carry mouth fresheners and pop them after your meal if you have bad breath.

Small snacks: Work can get unpredictable and it might cost your lunch too. So, carry healthy snacks like dry fruits, unsalted nuts, fruits or veggies in your handbag.

Water bottle: Summer is here and it is important to keep oneself hydrated. Carry a small water bottle in your bag before you step out.

Mirror: Get a small handheld one or use an old compact so you can check if you have something stuck in your teeth, a lash in your eye or just want to primp.

Pen: It’s always the worst feeling when you really need a pen and can’t find one. I have like 6 in my bag. Throw a few in there so you always have one handy.



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