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Trends today on fall season


23 November, 2015: Fall season is here and it’s the time of the year where we all kind of struggle to find the right trends. Here are few tips;

Business Casual


Business Casual is the best way to be trendy with a touch of professionalism this fall. It’s not complicated to put all together and get the trend look.

A white long sleeves shirt, cardigan or a long coat and black skinny trousers gives a trendy touch and adds professionalism. High heels boots can also be a great add-on.



We have tons of fashionistas in the city. For most of these we have the young bodies. A fashionista is seen running in the dresses between the designer and common brands.

Distressed clothing is the best kind of clothing. Don’t be shy to wear over-sized sweaters or shirts, if it mixes with your outfit properly, it’s perfect to go. And there goes a saying, “Over-sized dresses are like wearable hugs”.

Street Style


These are personal favorite of many. These are a mix of fashionista with a street touch to it. Well. This trend is enjoyed most by the ones who travel out throughout the city. Street style is all about mixing styles.

Jeans jacket, black short/long boots or even a sneakers, black skinny jeans grasp to get the right street style look.

Sporty Wear


Sporty wear is great when properly applied. It is one of the coolest and most comfortable style you can have in your wardrobe.

Well cut hoodie, warm black leggings, sports shoes or sneakers give you a cool sporty wear. It’ll look pretty darn good!!


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