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No Citizenship require to get firewood- TCN

No citizenship require to get firewood- TCN
No citizenship require to get firewood- TCN

Kathmandu, 23 November 2015: The Timber Corporation of Nepal (TCN) has clarified that public now onward need not bring along their citizenship card to fetch logs and firewood unlike the previous provision.

According to a press statement by the spokesperson of Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation (MoFSC) Krishna Prasad Acharya today, the NTC has arranged temporary depots at Sano Thimi in Bhaktapur and Swyambhu in Kathmandu apart from its regular Depots in Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts from where each household can secure upto 100 kilograms of firewood at a time.

This semi-autonomous body of the government, mandated to regulate sales and purchase of the timber related produces, has already distributed around 305,000 kg of firewood to as many as 3075 households, the statement noted.

The Corporation, following the economic embargo imposed by India on Nepal resulting in the widespread fuel crisis, started the distribution of firewood since October 16 for household purpose. The Ministry also requested the public to use the firewood only for household purposes. The TCN depots in the Kathmandu Valley would be expanded in the offing, according to the press statement.


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