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Twin Souls


The word twinning has been in trend across social media for a period of time. People who wear the same dresses or look-alike in any form said as they are twinning. Many times, I use to ask myself whether the term “twinning” is superficial. We must have heard about people who are born with their twin sisters or brothers have similar kinds of activities and thinking are quite similar and at times affect each other. But the twin soul is a connection explained by science but is still beyond all explanations and logic.

A twin soul also commonly known as twin flame is a person having other half of our soul. Twin souls share the same emotions at a point of time in their life and understand the hidden complexities of each other. Twin souls generally meet at an uncertain point of time in unusual settings. They feel safe and authentic to be their self with their twin soul being around.

But the major question is: Do twin souls really exist? I think yes, they do. Let’s just think about it like this. We come across so many people every day but there is that one person in each stage of our life which is just a part of that stage yet it is so important that their memories become the base for the next stage. They may or may not be our lover as in our better half, but their existence seems so comforting and relaxing. They might not always be around us, but we still could sense their presence within our decisions.

A twin soul or mirror soul maybe our parents or our siblings or a stranger that we meet just by the way. It is just a person that we feel like an image to what we actually think we are. It is best said that it is only a person himself who knows what his true identity is. But it is also believed that a twin soul can exactly tell and feel your real self.

Just as twin siblings are born from an egg, twin souls are also part of the same soul but separated to be two. They might be with each other for their entire life from birth to death like our parents do or meet once or twice in our lifetime physically but also remain in our hearts and brain. Twin soul is often mistakenly thought as a soulmate, but a twin soul may or may not be our life partner as they do not come into our lives to complete our journey but meet us to give our journey a new direction.

You might be thinking of trying to find your twin soul at least once but please remember you do not find them; it is the destiny or the soul that attracts and repels twin souls towards and away from each other. They are like two sides of a magnet that cannot meet but incomplete without each other.

Swechha Poudel