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Women attracted toward buckwheat production in Jumla


Jumla, February 27, 2017: Women entrepreneurs of Patmara VDC in Jumla district have now been attracted towards buckwheat production.

The women of Patmara-2 have started micro enterprises for promoting buckwheat cultivation and production in the area. They have also formed three groups—Danfe, Pragatishil and Maharudra with an objective of producing buckwheat in a competitive manner.

Chairperson of Danfe Group, Tara Budha, said that they have run micro enterprises for production of different items of buckwheat including flour at the initiatives of the women.

She said, “We are engaged for the protection and production of buckwheat as the buckwheat, which is the indigenous crop of Karnali area, is on the verge of extinction due to negligence of its importance.”

Similarly, Chairperson of Pragatishil Entrepreneurs’ Group, Gyandevi Budha, said that the women of Patmara VDC have set target to raise their income through increased buckwheat production.

The women said that they were attracted towards buckwheat production after taking eight-day training imparted by an organization, Gramin Paribesh Nepal.

Representative Photograph: revantoptics.com

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