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1.4 Million Worth Fund Raised By Mahayagya


April 23, 2015: Worth Rs.1.4 million is raised by a Mahayagya organized by the Disabled Society Reform Centre Tulasipur, Dang.

Coordinator of the Mahayagya Organizing Committee Tikaram Kandel said that the Srimad Bhagwat Gyan Mahayagya helped them to collect Rs. 1.4 million in cash to construct a disabled-friendly building.

The Mahayagya was organized to collect funds with a intent for constructing a building for the Center.The Fund has been raised from various sectors.

Kandel added that the Mahayagya that began on April 14 have also received donations in goods and kind, including a plot of land. And a donation box kept at the Mahayagya alone had deposits from those visiting the religious event worth Rs. 70,000.The Mahayagya ended on Wednesday.


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