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Airport upgradation work speeding up

The runway at Taksar Airport being blacktopped in Bhojpur, on Wednesday, December 28, 2016. Photo: THT

Bhojpur, December 29, 2016: The upgradation project of Taksar Airport has intensified in Bhojpur of late.

According to Civil Aviation Authority Bhojpur, runway upgrading and blacktopping have been expedited and all inbound and outbound flights have been halted at the airport for three months starting December 9.

Kalika Pacific JV Construction has been entrusted with repairs and upgradation projects of the 545-metre long and 20-metre wide runway. Though the runway widening contract had already been awarded, blacktopping work of the runway was not contracted before.

“All the preparations for blacktopping the runway have come to an end,” said Durga Mani Chaudhary, chief of Nepal Civil Aviation Office Bhojpur.

The airport was constructed in 1978 and came into operation in 1979. Due to the lack of repairs and upgradation, the airport was in a dilapidated condition. “Though upgradation work was contracted three years ago, it had not been able to take off due to the recent catastrophes the nation suffered such as the major earthquakes, blockade and floods and landslides. “We are expecting to resume flights in three months,” said Chaudhary.

Meanwhile, the district folks have demanded that the project be completed within the stipulated time.