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Awareness and Capacity Building Program on Safe Migration


September 12, 2019

Youth migration is increasing day by day in the search for employment or academic study in Nepal. Every day, 1256 youths are migrated to abroad from the Tribhuwan International Airport in Nepal for study and work. Considering the brain drain problem in Nepal, Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN) in collaboration with Caritas Nepal and Caritas Germany have successfully implemented the program on “Ensuring Safe Migration of The Most Vulnerable People through Awareness and Capacity Building” under the “SAMVAB” project to ensure safe labor migration. The project has continued from May 2017 to August 2019 in five wards (5, 6,7,10 and 13) of the Godawari Municipality, Lalitpur.

During the implementation of the project, 108 marginalized youth were provided with life skill training to produce skilled manpower to get job employment/self-employment in the competitive internal and external labor market. Among them, 35 youths have been employed and self-employed with small business to generate their income for assisting in sustainable livelihoods. As a response, it helped to create employment in the local market as per the interest of the youths and market demand as well as generating awareness on the safer labor migration.

JCYCN sensitized people and built the capacity of vulnerable migrant youths on the foreign employment, education through community based awareness raising and capacity building interventions like mass meeting with stakeholders, formation of migrant families, orientations and interaction to migrant family social networks, pre-departure counseling/orientation for potential migrant workers, mark the National and International Days (Children’s, Youth, Migration and Women’s), disseminated IEC materials, Broadcasting Public Service Awareness (PSA), various interaction and discussion sessions with local stakeholders, career counseling, coaching class support for school children and leadership development sessions helped empower the children, youths and teenagers and also improved the knowledge and academic performance to reduce the school dropout between examinations.

Through the community awareness interventions about 4000 people directly benefited to access information on safe labor migration and indirectly 8000. After getting involved in the program activities launched by the JCYCN, youths, children, teenagers are motivated to be an entrepreneur and employee in the home country rather than going in foreign employment. The program activities were implemented for the potential migrant workers, migrant returnees and migrant families as a vulnerable target group of the project. The community people are aware at least of the necessary legal procedures of foreign employment and information to be skilled before leaving to foreign employment.