Baggage Scanner At Biratnagar Airport Goes Dysfunctional

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Baggage Scanner At Biratnagar Airport Goes Dysfunctional

Biratnagar,21 Feb 2015: Passengers have been hit hard after a baggage scanner (x-ray machine) kept for checking passengers at Biratnagar Airport went out off function for three days.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN), Biratnagar, the machine went dysfunctional for three days after some technical problems in its CPU and battery.

After the technical problem, the police personnel themselves have started checking the bags of the passengers. Police said that problem was surfaced to check the bags of women passengers for lack of women employees for the same.

The machine was installed at the airport three years ago at a cost of Rs 15 million.

CAAN Officer Tej Bahadur Poudel said repair and maintenance of the machine would be carried out soon as they have already informed the bodies concerned.




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