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Bareng Rural Municipality declared as tourist destination


Balewa: Bareng Rural Municipality proclaims as tourist destinations as the first pillar of economic development. The tourist destinations based on cultural and tourist areas that cover two cultural places and four places of natural specificities.

The cultural places are famous for Satyawati Temple, and Kalilek Siddhasthan. The selected places of natural beauty include Dhuri, Bhaise Jharana, Bhitriban Deurali, and Bhatepokhara.

Chief Administrative Officer at the Rural Municipality, Mr. Ramesh Thapa said that physical infrastructures would be built, and subsequent publicity made to reap the tourism benefits.“The announcement was made also for the planned development activities. Priority was given to these areas with adequate budget allocation“- he added.

Chairperson at the Rural Municipality, Mr. Krishna Prasad Sharma said that the tourist destinations were identified and declared in line with the policy framed by Gandaki State Ministry for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment. He mentioned, “the announcement of tourist destination would help make Visit Nepal Year 2020 successful.”

The Rural Municipality has aimed at achieving economic prosperity through tourism development.

Source: THT