Bhagawata Geeta Scripture In Simplified Nepali Version

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Bhagawata Geeta Scripture In Simplified Nepali Version

Kathmandu,14 March 2015: The holy scripture of the Hindus, Bhagawata Geeta, originally written in Sanskrit language, has been translated in simple Nepali language by an academician.

Penned by Assistant-Professor Meena Kumari Risal,  the simplified version of Bhagawata Geeta was launched Saturday at the Laxmi-Narayan temple at Tangal in the Capital.

The Bhagawata Geeta, supposedly being in existence since 5,115 years, is considered by many as the fountain of knowledge. The most significant essence of this Holy Scripture is considered to be- ‘Do your deed (karma) but do not anticipate any result (fal).

Risal-written Bhagawata Geeta offers the synopsis of all 700 verses in the beginning of the each chapter.

Professor Shiva Gopal Risal, who has also written a preamble in the book, shared that various vices have surfaced in the society due to lack of paying attention to the issues of Yagya(a ritualistic performance involving lighting the holy fire) , Daan (alm)  and Tapasya (penance) underscored by the Geeta.

Similarly, Assistant-Professor Gyannistha Gyawali believed that the book would help impart the knowledge of the holy scripture to the lay readers with its simplified version.

The 219-paged book is priced Rs 300.




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