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Careers in demand for the next decade and beyond


May 31, 2016

Many young students will soon become SLC and high schools graduates. If you ask them about their further academic plans, majority of them are likely confused about what subjects to pursue. While many decide to follow their passion, some go after their guardians/seniors’ suggestions, and others choose subjects based on their career scopes.

It makes a lot of sense to pursue further studies based on your interest, but it is also important to consider job security and growth once you have a degree at hand. Earning a degree on something that no longer has any scope in the job market is a futile waste of time and effort. So it is important to understand the job market trend to make a wise decision.

In order to assist you in choosing your career path, below is a list of jobs that have bright scope in the coming decade:


Compared to other fields, computer programming jobs are anticipated to grow at a faster rate in the future. With the increase of new technology and innovation, many industries are developing custom software solutions. Organizations have stopped working on traditional system; instead of using spreadsheet program, they now use specialized applications like databases, point of sale systems and customer relationship networkers. Programmers will grow in demand as evolving technologies require companies to adapt to new language and computer systems. Many computer programmers work independently as contractors or consultants for companies needing specialized knowledge in areas of computer languages and applications. Organizations such as marketing firms, may contract an independent programmer or an agency to provide debugging services in order to begin running any kind of management software application. Many companies abroad recruit workers from developing countries like Nepal, too.


With the increasing demand for quality child care, many parents are willing to pay higher premiums to facilitate strong learning programs. Though it isn’t much popular in Nepal except for a few big cities, the scope for daycare providers is likely to increase in the coming years given the fact that more and more women have jobs they cannot afford to lose. Daycare provider caters to those parents whose work demands don’t allow them to look after the child. Since daycare providers are supposed to be trained individuals, they can bring up a child better than parents. The findings of several researches have shown that children looked after by good daycare providers scored higher in tests of language, memory and other skills compared to children of stay-at-home mother.


Thanks to the busy lifestyle that people lead today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to take care of their aging parents. One good way to solve this problem would be to take help of an elder care expert. Just like daycare centers, elder care centers are likely to boom in the coming decade, so elder care expert is one of the emerging jobs. While the experts will take care of your aging loved ones’ health and wellbeing, elder care centers also keep them from being alone.


One of the main goals of organizations today is to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees. So, they hire an expert to deliver customer service, customer engagement, managing customer experience and creating customer loyalty. Customer service experts serve as liaison between customer support team and management to improve customer service and business productivity. They develop customer service programs in order to provide outstanding service to the organization.


Research and innovation are keys to new breakthroughs and developments in technology, medicine, manufacturing, and many other fields. While the demand for researchers are high already, there will be particularly strong demand for professionals with advanced research skills in engineering, chemistry, math, biology, biotechnology, and other sciences in the coming years. Researchers are needed to establish or confirm facts, reaffirm results of previous works, solve new or existing problems, support theorems, or develop new theories.


With rapid globalization and mix of culture, our society is getting more and more complex, and that has had a direct impact on people’s lifestyles. From fashion to architecture to website interface, the world of designing is constantly evolving. And because we’re so closely connected to the world, a design getting hype in a city in Germany is likely to pick up here in Nepal, too. Therefore, designers—fashion, interior, graphics, exterior, software, web, packaging, etc—with a knack to make sense of all these complexities are high in demand.


Management analysts act as consultants for businesses, aiding them in the process of navigating their industries, operating efficiently, and maintaining fluid inventory. They are the individuals who perform business and financial analysis for external or internal financial clients as a core part of the job. With qualifications and insight earned from years of experience and study, a consultant might work from home while helping clients all over the world.


Sales and marketing are incredibly important to any company. Sales executives are needed to motivate staff and help companies reach their financial goals. They help in maintaining customer relations, too.


A growing number of companies prefer to seek outside help with specialized problems or challenges, rather than keep experts as their regular staff. As a result, consultants who build reputations for solving client problems can earn significant income by dropping in on clients around the world. Companies are looking for ways to save money on employee costs and one of the best ways to do this is by outsourcing projects. Consultants provide expert advice to the company and help solve problems raised there. This is why consultants are expected to be incredibly high in demand.


Like always, the medical field is still ripe for growth. Medical professionals will be high in demand in the coming years, too. The medical industry is expected to expand because of technological advances and the growing elderly population. As the healthcare industry continues to expand, more practices and clinics requiring large support staff are under operations. Looks like medical professionals won’t have much problem landing a job.


Engineering jobs have always been in high demand because of the advanced level of research being done on a daily basis. To meet the requirements of today’s technical side of the world, engineers will have plenty of career opportunities.


Many young people today dream about owning a business, no matter how small. The rising spirit of entrepreneurship combined with innovation in technology will bring many tech startups to existence. This will not only drive growth but also build career opportunities for others.

By Paras Kharel

The author is a customer service consultant associated with kantipurjob.com, which offers customer service, HR Consulting and BPO services. He can be reached at paras@kantipurjob.com.