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Clothes distributed in Kalikot by 100s Group: A Humanitarian Initiative


Kathmandu: The clothes bank that was set up in Anamnagar and other places was able to collect decent clothes and the team provided those clothes to the needy people of the remote village of Kalikot. Now the winter season is nearby, so their initiative can be a great help to the needy people to compete cold.

The brainchild of 100’s group, had opened a ‘bank’ which gradually attracting people is willing to deposit their used clothes and also those who can pick up items as per their needs. The rack is filled with all types of clothes, and other reusable items, catering to whoever wants to make use of them. It is situated fifty meters away from Singha Durbar’s East gate in Anamnagar.

The members of 100s group are very satisfied regarding their venture which is helping people in need. Saugat Gautam, who is the core member of the group said- “We did collect old-worn clothes in the past too. However, it wasn’t practical for us to go from door-to-door asking for voluntary donations”. So we planned to set up the cloth bank in the busy streets of the city so it can be a hub to donate as well as receive clothes giving easy access to every people who are in need of the same. He reported that an underprivileged individual had come some days ago walking all the way from Jorpati to take some clothes as that individual was recommended about the bank.

“We are also sending the collected clothes to the flood victims of Province 2,” says Gautam who also informed that similar kinds of cloth banks have recently opened in Gongabu, Jawlakhel and Bhaktapur area. There are many unused decent clothes that we keep untouched in the cupboard. We are helping people to reuse clothes for a good purpose. They are also planning to open a small food counter for economically underprivileged people if they receive enough funds for it.

Source: THT