Consensus environment worsening due to Oli, UCPN (MAOIST) spokesperson

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Kathmandu,10 Jan 2015 : The UCPN (Maoist) has charged that consensus environment for constitution writing was getting worse due to CPN (UML) Chairman KP Oli’s recent dealing.

“The UML Chairman is destabilizing the environment for obstructing constitution writing process. This has created mistrust among the political parties,” UCPN (Maoist) spokesperson Dinanath Sharma said at a regular news conference at the party headquarters on Saturday.

Sharma said that the constitution writing process has languished in crisis due to some parties’ trend to discard the agendas of transformation.

Arguing that the UCPN (Maoist)-led 33-party front was ready to exihibit maximum flexible in the contents of constitution, Sharma said the opposition parties were ready to hold discussions on different options of forms of governance and federalism for consensus bid.

The UCPN (Maoist) leader said that a movement was needed to protest some parties’ plant to bring the constitution on majority basis instead of issuing the constitution on consensus.


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