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Constitution should be issued with consent of all: leader Mahato

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Biratnagar, Oct 16: President of the Sadbhavana Party Rajendra Mahato has said the constitution should be issued as per the people’s aspirations.

Speaking in a press meet organised by the party in Biratnagar today, he said the constitution without the provision of autonomous Madhes province would not be acceptable to them. He warned of another agitation in the Madhes if constitution without this provision was issued.

“The Nepali Congress and the CPN (UML) have come up with a proposal that the new constitution should be issued on January 22 through consensus and if not through voting,” the Sadbhavana Party president suggested not making haste in issuing the new constitution but should be issued after the consensus of all, even by extending the Constituent Assembly (CA) term by a year.

He also demanded implementation of the agreement reached on February 28, 2008 between the then government and the Madhes-centric parties regarding different topics including the autonomous Madhes province.

Mahato also suggested forming two provinces in the Madhes at the most and that not even an inch of the Madhes territory should be included in the hill region.


Responding to journalists’ query regarding the CK Raut incident, he said that his party was not in favour of declaring the Madhes as a separate country. He demanded Raut’s release as different kinds of opinions are coming in the context of the constitution writing.

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