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Chinese goods import from Rasuwagadhi blocked

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Dhunche (Rasuwa), Oct 16: The import of Chinese goods from Nepal’s northern checkpoint Rasuwagadhi has been halted.

Hundreds of containers that reached Rasuwagadhi which is 150-km away from Kathmandu had to return empty after hassles from Chinese security personnel in the border area, said the Rasuwa Association of Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The goods were dispatched by Chinese trader to the Nepali market.


With this, the mobility in Rasuwagadhi checkpoint, which was brought in to operation to import goods from China after landslide occurred in mankha area of Sindhupalchowk, is almost zero, said the Association.


The closure has hit hard the businesspersons who are importing goods from China and selling them in Nepali market.

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