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Daayitwa Symposium concludes underscoring necessity of evidence-based policy making in Nepal


Kathmandu, August 27, 2017: Daayitwa Governance Symposium, organized by Daayitwa, a youth-led organization, has concluded in Kathmandu today underscoring the necessity of evidence-based policy making in Nepal.

Rajendra Kumar KC, Minister for Youth and Sports, Government of Nepal, was the Chief Guest for the ceremony. Speaking on the occasion, minister KC stressed on the urgency of innovating to create jobs for youth.

Similarly, Gagan Thapa, Former Minister of Health, Government of Nepal, shared about his experience as a Minister, where it was necessary to acknowledge one’s limitations of knowledge in order to be open-minded to learning.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shisir Khanal, CEO of Teach for Nepal, in a keynote speech, shared his learning on the need to be involved in the target community to understand and identify their challenges, in order to address their problems.

Dr. Pukar Malla, Executive Director of Daayitwa, emphasized on the need to nurture an enterprising mindset in Nepal government.

The various sessions held on the occasion stressed the need for research and advocacy to be connected with the issues concerning private sector and government to bring noticeable impact was important.

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The Symposium ended with a public service pledge by the Daayitwa Fellows 2017 where the Fellows voiced their commitment to building an inclusive and prosperous Nepal in their own lifetimes.

Daayitwa Summer Fellows 2017

“Initiated in 2013, 7 cohorts of 78 Daayitwa Fellows academically and professionally trained in 25 countries have worked with 20 public agencies and 24 parliamentarians on 78 public projects,” informed Daayitwa in a press release. “The mission of Daayitwa-Nepal Public Service Fellowship is to ignite self-responsibility for public service in Nepali youth by nurturing their collaborative leadership for an enterprising Nepal. The Fellowship supports the partner agencies in addressing critical research needs of their priority projects through evidence based policy design,” it added.

This year, Daayitwa Fellowship partnered with 5 Public Agencies and 1 Parliamentary Committee. The partner agencies included Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, Ministry of Agricultural Development, National Planning Commission, National Reconstruction Authority, and Parliamentary Committee of Agriculture and Water Resources.