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Go Floral — Spring, Summer, Monsoon


floral dressJune 17, 2015: When it comes to women, who doesn’t love to play with fashion and be in style. Floral prints and floral accessories are ruling the fashion kingdom this year. From casual dresses to shirts, from ballet pumps to ear rings, everywhere ‘florals’ are the ‘fabulous’. They give both the wearer and the one looking at them a warm and fresh feeling. Earlier, floral was only the spring style but now it seems like summer is doing really fine with florals, and even monsoon rains are enticing season for florals.

However, with necessity of corporate or formal looks in work place or school, often we are forced to let go of the desire to wear the cute, funky top on a weekday mornings. We know, we have to look professional with mild, soft colors and as less prints as possible.

Although, one of the most trendy choice is the floral prints, corporate women find it hard to enjoy the floral warmth. You might have had that distressing moment, when you realize that beautiful floral top you bought, you never had a chance to wear it in months because you have been so busy with office. What to do then?

formalThe way innovative fashion lovers are dealing with this problem is very simple.  One black suit, and that will do! You want to wear a floral top, which is not much of a shirt? Wear it, with may be a pair of black pants instead of denim, and just add the black suit or coat to the attire. A pair of matching pumps or boots (avoid platforms or stilettos), and small flowery ear rings. A very natural make over with coral lip color and neutral eye shade. You’re ready to go to work and then may be hang out with friends right after work.

You can also choose to wear a floral print, brightly colored scarf, but it would be best worn with a more calm colored plain top/shirt.

This way you get to enjoy the trend as well as maintain the professional impression. It also saves time and energy of going back home and changing for the friends meet up or party. Just one black coat, and there is the drastic transformation.

Some important tips to must keep in mind would be:

  • No fancy high heels at work
  • Avoid floral pants
  • Avoid floral skirt, unless the top is long and plain black or a dark color.
  • No dark or bright lips.
  • Keep the balance, do not wear a floral top, with a pair of floral wedges and big flower ear rings.
  • No denims or jeans, they are very casual, so inappropriate for office.
  • Enjoy your style.

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By: Sumayea Binte Shafiul


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