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Harry’s day out in Lamjung and Pokhara

British Prince Harry receives the warm welcome from the locals of Gainda VDC in Lamjung, on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. Photo: RSS

Pokhara/Lamjung, March 22

Prince Harry, who is on a five-day visit to Nepal, today met the family members of British Gurkha Army personnel killed in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at the British Camp in Pokhara.

After his sojourn to Gaudagaun, Lamjung, Harry had landed at Pokhara Airport in a helicopter at 10:55am. He remained busy with various activities from 11:00am to 3:00pm inside the camp.

After meeting former Gurkha Army personnel, Harry returned to Kathmandu in a Nepal Army helicopter at 3:15pm.

As many as 13 British Gurkha Army personnel had lost their lives in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The families of all 13 Gurkha soldiers killed in the wars were invited to meet the British royal. Yubraj Rai, 75, and Indra Devi Rai, 72, who lost their son in Afghanistan in 2008, held a meeting with the prince. They expressed the pain they felt at the loss of their son.

Nepali youths reputed for bravery and valour began joining the British Gurkha Army in 1815. More than 40,000 Gurkha army personnel were killed in WWI and WWII while fighting for Britain.

Mangali Tamang, 86, of Leurani at Gaunda VDC, Lamjung was very elated when Prince Harry came to stay at her home. Harry had reached Leurani after one hour’s trek from Bhirkuna yesterday.

Mangali had prepared local delicacies such as local chicken, dhindo and gundruk for Harry. “I served him the food and told him that it was our national food,” Mangali said, adding, “He savoured the dishes happily.”

Living with her disabled son Kshetra Bahadur, whose physical condition was troubling her day and night. “I pleaded him to offer some assistance for my son,” Mangali said. She said the prince had pledged some help. “I also requested him to help build a new house as the existing one was dilapidated,” Mangali said.

Offering blessings, Mangali bade farewell to Harry wishing he would travel across all the hills and live for 100 years. She reminded him not to forget them.

Prince Harry celebrated Holi, the festival of colours, with children at Gaunda, Lamjung. He also played volleyball here. Harry’s team won 25-19. He left for Pokhara at 10:30am today.