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Involvement of Youth in Sports


“We compete, not so much against an opponent, but against ourselves. The real test is this: Did I make my best effort on every play?” – Bud Wilkinson

Sports is one of the coolest thing in this world. We can see lots of sports running these days such as Football, Basketball, Cricket and so on. Those are some of the outdoors game. Likewise Chess, Table Tennis, Ludo are the indoor games. Each of the game has their own benefits. Youth should be more involved in the outdoor games which can help them learn something new and always stay fit and active whereas indoor games can increase the capacity of their brain. Each of the games has its own merits.

Just because we are youths, doesn’t mean we have to make our life work centric. Talking about football more than half of the world is fan of the Football. Many youths love football also known as soccer. Youths of these days love to play football in futsal. We can see the football in almost every place. In every corner of the world we find enthusiastic youth football lover, playing football.

Similarly, cricket is also famous these days though it is not as much popular as soccer, but we can see lots of youths showing their interest in the cricket as well. There are lots of outdoor games which youths are inclined to. Also playing the indoor games, youth can think in better ways and have some better planning to their life. Quiz can help youths to develop their general knowledge. It will help them to gain lots of knowledge about their country and of foreign country as well.

Loving in 21st century, new technology has emerged and now we have games such as devices PUBG that you can play globally with foreigners and strangers. Other electronic games are FIFA, GTA and more. These are some of the games which can be played in electronic devices like laptop, computer, mobile, play station. By the help of these kind of games youth can kill their boredom and anger and stay calm. Such kind of games keeps youth captured and won’t let their mind get divert into increasing crimes and drug taking. Video games can enhance reading skills too.

Games can improve the health, mind and activity of youths. Hence, if a teen is perfect in some sports then they can give a chance to make it his/her career. I think various kinds of game clubs should be organized in the different area for playing various sports. So that youth can enjoy their time in games and always stay active. Games can inspire new interest.

-Barsha Malla Thakuri