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Julian Casablancas: ‘I was hungover for five years’


18 October,2014: Julian Casablancas has said that he was “hungover for five years” after he stopped drinking alcohol.
Casablancas, who released ‘Tyranny’, his first album with new band The Voidz, this week, talked to to Rolling Stone about how life changed for him after he quit drinking and how, at his worst, he was waking up and drinking vodka.

“I was probably charming 10 percent of the time, when I had a perfect buzz,” Casablancas said on life as an alcoholic. “You think, ‘I’m brave and I’m crazy and I can drink.’ But it’s really like, ‘I can’t socially talk to people without having a stupid fake confidence that’s obnoxious.’ You think it’s like truth serum, but it’s more like asshole serum.”

He continued: “I was hungover for, like, five years. Like, literal ly four years after I stopped drinking, I still didn’t feel 100 percent. I still had that feeling of being a little hungover, and you just don’t want to go downstairs to the deli, and you just want to stay inside. I felt kind of really roughed up by it.”

Casablancas recently revealed that he takes little pleasure from playing tracks from The Strokes’ back-catalogue live. The frontman said that while it’s “still fun to see people react” to the old material live, he doesn’t “feel anything from it” emotionally.

Despite this, the singer did recently confirm that The Strokes will record new material early next year. “In January, we might meet up and work on some ideas. Everyone is psyched. Everything is in a really cool place,” he told BBC 6 Music.



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