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Liberty College To Hold Liberty Trade Fair


Anamnagar, Kathmandu, December 30, 2015: An initiation for promoting entrepreneurship in Nepal, the Liberty Student Council joining hands with the Rotaract Club of Liberty is going to organize a multi-faceted event called Liberty Trade Fair within the college premises itself in Anamnagar on December 31, 2015.

It will be a daylong event that will incorporate demonstration of products/services of a variety of entrepreneurs ranging from handicrafts to food, training sessions by renowned entrepreneurs like Anil Chitrakar, Amun Thapa, Ashish Adhikari and will also have other entertainments like music and dance. The motive of the event is to promote as well as support entrepreneurial initiations in Nepal, to sensitize the youths of the importance of local entrepreneurship, and to act as a bridge between the real life entrepreneurs and the students thereby fostering an environment that will help the students learn what consequences they may face while actually being in business and how these problems can be conquered.

Laxman Pokhrel, Principal of Liberty College stated, “The need of the hour is the realization of how integral entrepreneurship is in what sort of a situation our country is going through right now. At a time like this,birth of successful entrepreneurswill no doubt be a big leap towards independence. This program will be an exclusive learning platform for those young alacritous enthusiasts who aspire to become successful entrepreneurs.”

Liberty College is a part of Liberty Education Foundation. It is a complete management college that was established in 2009 by a team of experienced faculty members who have invested themselves in helping Liberty College excel consistently. It is a dedicated business school that offers BBA program affiliated to Pokhara University. To learn more visit www.libertycollege.edu.np.



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