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Miss Nepal US Priyanka to visit Nepal to interact with earthquake victims


Kathmandu, December 30, 2015: Event Planet Inc., USA, the organizer of Miss Nepal US event informed in a press release that Miss Nepal US 2015 winner Priyanka Thapaliya from Greensboro, North Carolina is visiting Nepal from December 27th, 2015 to Jan. 11th, 2016. The main goal of Miss Thapaliya’s visit is to observe the earthquake areas and interact with earthquake victims for better understanding of their needs and future endeavor in rebuilding Nepal project. Further, saving earthquake survivors’ lives from extreme cold will be her first and foremost priority, thus she will also be distributing winter cloths/blankets to victims.

Further, Miss Thapaliya will also be participating as special guest and keynote speaker at discussion program on “Youth Initiative & Contribution toward Rebuilding Nepal” organized by College Student Council, Dibyabhumi Multiple College affiliated to Tribhuwan University, Kupondole, Lalitpur. We hope this effort will also create a platform to explore and empower the youths by interacting with political, non-political, economical and civic actors, encourage governments and non-governmental representative/institution to respond and directly engage young people in nation transformation.

The continued saga of Miss Nepal US since 2011 is known for empowering Nepalese American Youths as well as adapting and bringing awareness regarding socio-cultural agendas. This year’s event was focused on charity for Nepal’s earthquake disaster relief in the hopes of recovering and rebuilding Nepal. The responsibility bestowed upon the Miss Nepal US 2015 titleholder is to design and implement a relief project in a field of her interest. Therefore, as the title winner, Miss Thapaliya, is visiting Nepal to lead the initiative.

In this regard, we are requesting all concerned stakeholders to support her, and encourage the involvement and contribution of young Nepalese Americans in Rebuilding Nepal.


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