Ministry free to take decision on hydropower projects

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Ministry free to take decision on hydropower projects

Kathmandu, 16 Dec 2014: The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has responded to the Legislature-Parliament Agriculture and Hydropower Committee that the Ministry of Energy was free to take decision in regard to the licensing of 14 hydropower projects of which the anti-graft body directed to scrap earlier.

Today’s meeting of the parliamentary committee has directed the Ministry to take necessary decisions in connection with the directive to scrap licenses of various hydropower projects including Kabeli A in different dates.

Committee President Gagan Thapa made it clear that a conclusion was drawn based on series of discussions and consultations with concerned agencies including CIAA, Ministry of Energy and Finance that the directive was not meant to scrap hydropower licenses rather it was a suggestion to the Energy Ministry to adhere prevailing laws while devising actions.

He further shared that the committee drew a conclusion based on several premises that the Ministry is independent to take any actions and decisions regarding the projects.

The committee has directed the Ministry to discharge its responsibility of getting works done alongside the scope of work the promoter is obliged to do in line with the Electricity Act-2049 BS and Electricity Regulations-2050 BS.

Next meeting of the Committee is scheduled to take place on December 17.




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