More Medical Colleges established as number of hospitals rises of late

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More Medical Colleges established as number of hospitals rises of late

Kathmandu, 11 March, 2015 : The Ministry of Education, various universities and Nepal Medical Council (NMC) have provided affiliation to run the MBBS, Nursing and Dental programmes to more institutions as the demand for the doctors and other health manpower was high with the increase in the number of hospitals in different parts of the country.


Beginning from 1977, the government has given affiliation to 23 medical colleges so far and 12 of them are affiliated to the Kathmandu University (KU) and nine others are affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) and two others are established on an institutional basis.


The medical colleges have been producing around 2,635 students of medical science including the dental sector every year, said Administrative Officer of the NMC Anita Lama.  Of them, Noble medical College, Biratnagar, produces the highest numbers of medical practitioners while the Kathmandu Model College, Sinamangal, produces the second highest numbers. Likewise, Nepal medical College, Jorpati, and College of medical Sciences, Bharatpur, produce over 200 medical practitioners and MB Kedia Dental College teaches 35 persons every year.


She said the NMC provides medical licenses, monitor the manpower passed from the colleges, and check the teachers whether they are qualified for teaching or not.


“The NMC deserves rights for scraping the licenses of the medical practitioners in case they were found violating code of conducts,” she said.


Around 1,500 doctors, who received their MBBS degree from and outside the country, take license of doctors every year.


According to the NMC source, “The NMC permits license even to foreign doctors seeing their visas after they passed the exams conducted by the NMC. But the license would expire when their visa term expired.”


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