MoU on Media Exchange with China greatly helps Nepali media sector: Minister Rijal

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MoU on Media Exchange with China greatly helps Nepali media sector: Minister Rijal

Kathmandu, 29 December :  Minister for Information and Communications Dr Minendra Rijal has expressed the belief that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Media Exchanges and Cooperation signed with the People’s Republic of China during his visit there would greatly help the Nepali media sector.

Addressing a news conference organised at the Ministry here today, Minister Rijal said the MoU signed on behalf the Government of Nepal by him and the Minister of the State Council, Information Office of China, Mr Cai Mingzhao, on behalf the Chinese government, was reached with the objective of promoting mutual cooperation in the IT sector and collaborating on topics related to the media and of interest to both countries.

MoU on Media Exchange with China greatly helps Nepali media sector: Minister Rijal
MoU on Media Exchange with China greatly helps Nepali media sector: Minister Rijal


The Minister of Information and Communications believed that the signing of the MoU would contribute to enhancing the overall standard of the Nepali media sector by promoting the exchanges in the sectors of journalism, information, news, exchange of visits and study tours among journalists and government  representatives of the two countries.


He also shared that during the China visit, he and his delegation visited the Peking International Radio and also held discussions on media matters with the chiefs and the executive officials of the information and media sector in Beijing.


Minister Rijal and the members of the Nepalese delegation returned home last night. He had gone for the China visit at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart  Mr Cai.


Joint Secretary at the Ministry Kabiraj Khanal, who was also on the Minister’s delegation to China, said that the MoU will enhance the exchange of cooperation and experiences in the sectors of information, news, Internet and the media policy and strategy, among others. The Onformation Departments of Nepal and China would regularly exchange visits and experiences after the signing of this MoU, he added.


Ther major areas of cooperation as stated in the MoU are: Exchange of information, sharing of experience and views on policy and regulation and the development of strategy in the field of press and media; intensifying exchange of visits and communication between the Departments of Information of both the countries; strengthen media exchange and cooperation between the two countries, including exchange of visits of executives and professionals and cooperation in human resource development; Share experience and extend copperation in the field of press and information published in foreign languages, share experience and cooperation in the field of the Internet; and collaborating in the activities of regional and international organisations in the field of press and media both to which countries are members.


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