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Nationwide campaign launched to end violence against women


Province 1:  The federal government of province 1 has launched a nationwide campaign to end violence against women. The campaign by initiated by the Honorable Federal Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens, Mrs. Tham Maya Thapa, amidst a function organized in Biratnagar on Monday.  She said that the campaign against all sorts of violence against women would be launched in all the wards and local units of all seven provinces. She highlighted the need to give continuity to the campaign since the issue of violence against women cannot be solved over a short period of time.

Domestic violence, rape, acid attack, workplace harassment, child marriage, polygamy, human trafficking, Dowry, Chhaupadi and witchcraft charges are the main forms of violence against women prevalent in the society. So, these kinds of campaign helps to eradicate all kinds of violence against women.

The campaign to end violence against women has not been launched to last a few days or a couple of weeks. This campaign is aimed at ending all violence against women and it will take time to get the desired results. So we will continue with this campaign until the time we see results,” – said Thapa.

The Ministry had launched the 16-day campaign to end violence against women in the past and had held interactions with the elected people’s representatives and other stakeholders. During such interactions, the stakeholders suggested that all three levels of government should prepare strategies and implement the campaign from village level itself. They also suggested forming formal and informal mechanisms for the effectiveness of the campaign.

With the suggestions and feedbacks collected during the interactions, the Ministry announced the launch of the campaign in all seven provinces throughout the year. The implementation committee has also been formed at the federal, provincial and local levels to make campaign a success. They have felt the necessity of this campaign at the grassroots level as women, in the rural area, are unaware about their rights and they lack the power of voice if they fall victim to gender violence. So, this campaign helps to empower women.

Source: The Kathmandu Post