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Nepal Mandal distributed relief amount

Nepal Mandal distributed relief amount
Nepal Mandal distributed relief amount

Kathmandu, 1 June, 2015 : Nepal Mandal Relief Collection Campaign provided Rs 15,000 each to twenty different earthquake-hit persons that are active in the fields of arts, literature and media.

The campaign provided the relief amount to Ramshekhar Nakami, Ramapaniraj Sharma, Tilak Prakash Kayastha, Shaurav Shakya, Hari Krishna Duwal, Babukaji Sanchhe, Bijay Ratna Tuladhar, Narayan Shrestha, Narad Bajracharya, Khadgaman Bajracharya, Bigen Tuladhar and Bijay Krishna Shrestha at a progamme organised on Sunday.

Similarly, Amarraj Sharma, Rohini Bahadur Kayastha, Shyam Chitrakar, Rabi Maharjan, Sudayaraj Shilakar, Rajendra Manandhar and Saroj Shrestha also received the relief amount.

The Campaign was formed to carry out search, rescue and relief operations in the quake-affected areas.

Central member of World Newa: Organisation Rajesh Bahadur Shrestha provided Rs 100,000. Also, to distribute the relief amount to quake-affected, Nepali’s studying and working in China collected Rs 284,400.

During the programme, the representative of campaign was handed over Rs. 160,000 by Dr. Maheshman Shrestha that was collected from Nepali’s residing in China.

The relief amount distribution programme was attended by activist Malla K. Sundar, politicians Hisila Yami, Dilip Maharjan, Tirtharam Dangol.


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