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New constitution, on consensus basis if possible: UML chair Oli

New constitution, on consensus basis if possible: UML chair Oli
New constitution, on consensus basis if possible: UML chair Oli

Kathmandu, Feb 9: CPN (UML) Chairman KP Sharma Oli has said that a new constitution would be promulgated on the basis of a consensus if possible in near future.

Speaking at an interaction with senior journalists here today, Chairman Oli said that his party was going ahead with unity to not let this CA fail and party was flexible and conscious as well for the same. He further said that his party would not make any compromise on the integrity of the nation.

Leader Oli however said that the UML was for national integrity therefore it could not follow the course of separating the tarai from the hills while restructuring the state, and that it was against the welfare of the nation.

He said that naming provinces on ethnic identity only could not solve the problem of the targeted ethnic groups. Oli said that a process was needed to promulgate the new constitution if all 601 CA members agreed on the issues therefore no party should be worried while following the due process. “We will promulgate the new constitution as per the mandate of the people”, Oli added.

The UML Chairman said that the state restructuring process was not a childish game therefore his party was working to promulgate the new constitution guided with peace, democracy, equity, national unity and prosperity, and the provinces would be formed as such that it is viable for the country.

Leader Oli said that either a gun or a majority provision could form the constitution or government and promulgating the new constitution on the majority basis would not be incorrect. He said that the incumbent government was conscious on the current political course, adding that the people are not always in favour of protest and agitation.

Speaking on a different note, Oli said that they were keeping the international community abreast with the current political development.

Similarly, Vice-chair of the party Bamdev Gautam urged the unified CPN-Maoist not to interpret their efforts for a dialogue as their weakness and they would not let them be diverted from the constitution drafting process. He further said that the past agreements could be reviewed as no concrete agreements were made on the new constitution.

Also speaking on the occasion, party Vice-chair Vidya Devi Bhandari said that the media persons should rightly disseminate the news on current political issues.

Party General Secretary Ishwor Pokharel, Secretary Pradip Gyawali, central member Surya Thapa, senior journalists Yubraj Ghimire, Narayan Wagle, Tirtha Koirala, Shiva Gaule, Kundan Aryal, Prateek Pradhan, Kishor Shrestha among others were present on the occasion.

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