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Kanchanpur, Aug. 5: Number of women visiting the health post for maternity services has increased after Daiji Health Post in Kanchanpur brought the ambulance service into operation.


Around 90 per cent pregnant women visit the health post for the maternity services.


Chief at the Daiji Health Post, Parmananda Bhatta, said that number of women visiting the birthing centre brought into operation by the health post round the clock for maternity service has increased after the operational of ambulance service.


Service seekers of the Daiji VDC have to pay Rs 400 for the ambulance service.


The ambulance service has been brought into operation from last year with the investment of more than one million rupees of four community forests located at Bagun, Bautoda, Bhamka and Dharmapur of Daiji VDC.


The Red Cross Sub-Branch, Daiji, is operating the ambulance service from the health post after the four community forest handed over the ambulance to it.


Senior Assistant Health Worker Jayanti Joshi said that the number of women receiving the maternity services has increased after the health post started to provide warm clothes to mothers and newly born babies under the ‘Nyano Jhola’ programme to help the women having poor financial status along with ambulance service.


A total of 191 women received the maternity services at the health post in the fiscal year 2070-71 BS while it was 136 in the fiscal year 2069-70 BS.

She added that the number of women receiving the maternity services was more by 38 percent as compared to the previous fiscal year.


With the increasing number of pregnant women visiting the health post, they have been facing problem to provide services for lack of equipments and physical infrastructures, said Chief Bhatta.



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