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Obstruction In The Cable Car Service In Manakamana Temple


Chitwan, June 2, 2015: As the priest of the manakamana temple Insan Thapa refused to perform worships to the goddess Manakamana outside the temple the cable car service to Manakamana Temple, Gorkha would not be resumed for some more days.

According to priest Thapa, he was facing  pressure to perform the ritualistic worships outside the temple, but he denied saying that it was not better to conduct the worship outside the Temple as the idol of the Goddess is inside the temple. Besides that the temple is tilted and has witnesses serious crack due to quake.

As per the Station manager at the cable car service, Ujjwal Sherchan about 2,000 to 2,500 pilgrims daily used to visit the temple by cable car itself in this season. Due to the hindrance in the cable car service for a month, the operator of the company have to bear the loss of  Rs 50 million.


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