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Outdated fashion rules for men


July 28, 2015: There are stylish men who are always in fashion but there exist certain rules that they need to break and throw out the outdated fashion off the window.

Choosing an outfit that never goes out of fashion can be a difficult task and when it comes to men. Men always opt for white, but instead one should try out for blue too, as it looks great at formal and anytime.

Matching notion: “Always match belt with shoes” is an old male fashion statement that men follow for every occasion. But in reality this works only with formal settings other-wise it may portray a person as selective or fussy.

Avoid socks: Wearing socks with pants was once classy but now shoes without socks are in, unless it is a formal event.

Pleated pants: Pleated pants have now made their way to the fashion world with the well-fitted ones. Those which were a big “No” for males, is considered a fashion statement now; just like wearing black with blue or brown.

Opt for colors: Blacks and dull colors should no more govern this spring and summer. Men should now experiment more with colors as they are in summer-spring fashion rally.


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