Parties still open for consensual process: Oli

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Parties still open for consensual process: Oli

Kathmandu, 25th January, 2015 : CPN (UML) Chairman KP Sharma Oli today said the ruling parties were still open consensus process to deliver a new constitution.


At the UML Parliamentary Party meeting held after the Constituent Assembly (CA) meeting, Oli said his party would try it’s hard to increase the number of political parties supporting the process in constitution making.

Parties still open for consensual process: Oli
Parties still open for consensual process: Oli


Underlining the ongoing efforts to include the voices of the forces remaining outside of the CA in the process of drafting a new democratic constitution, Oli said, “None of the constitution in the world has been promulgated through the CA with backing of a full consensus. The definition of agreement does not entail that when what your desire are meet in total.”


Oli urged the UCPN (Maoist) among other opposition parties to join the constitution making process citing nothing had gone wrong as yet.


The UML Chair emphasized that it would be wrong to keep the CA a hostage of indecision in the name of consensus, and added that CA Chair Subas Nembang had merely stirred the voting process as per the existing regulations.


Taking note of the protracted political transition in the country in the past seven years, Oli expressed confidence that a new constitution will now be promulgated in line with the aspirations and sentiments of the people.


On the occasion, UML senior leader Jhalanath Khanal said the nine-point proposal tabled by Nepali Congress and UML would be rectified citing it was not entirely complete and then bring the constitution making process to head.


Khanal underlined the long democratic struggle leading up to the current prospect for an inclusive democracy and said the parties could not back down from it. He pledged to ensure the rights of all 125 ethnic communities of the country.


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