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People protesting ill-intention of transport entrepreneurs at New Buspark


Kathmandu, April 28,2015: Commoners affected by the Saturday’s powerful earthquake, who thronged the Gongabu-based New Buspark with a hope of getting tickets to return back home, turned agitated after they were asked to pay double the fare in the hours of crisis.

As a result, they chanted slogans inside the Buspark area on Tuesday, accusing transport entrepreneurs of overcharging customers and forgetting their business ethic. The people disturbed by repeated aftershocks in the Valley were eager to return back to their loved ones. But, ill-intention of bus entrepreneurs made them agitated.

One Suman Pokhrel, who was in a queue at a ticket counter at New Buspark since morning today, was disappointed as the counter was not open till 13:00 pm. He was hoping to get a bus ticket to his home town in Tamghas, Gulmi, but the bus entrepreneurs took the bus away from the bus park with passengers willing to pay the double fare.

People terrorised by the devastating disaster have crowded the main exit points from the Valley including Kalanki, Gongabu, Old Buspark, Koteshowar, Satodobato and Pashupati area, trying to sneak out a seat or even some space in buses leaving out of the valley.



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