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Public transportation fare to increase


It’s time for the public transportation fare to increase

Kathmandu, October-10, Government of Nepal has increased the fare of public vehicles which is to be implemented from Kartik 15. As per the information provided by Director General of Transportation Management Department, Mr. Kashiraj Dahal, the agreement of public transportation fare to increase was made in 15th of Bhadra between Ministry of Planning and Transportation and transportation entrepreneurs. But, the agreement was not implemented on that time taking account of festivals like Dashain and Tihar.public-transportation

“In the festive season, the sudden increase in transportation fare may create a financial burden to the passengers. Keeping that in mind, we have made the implementation date after chhath festival.”, said Director General Dahal.

As per the agreement, fare for long distance vehicle have been increased by 5.63% and fare of vehicles carrying goods in hilly and Terai region have been increased by 5.27% and 5.21% respectively.

Similarly, other public vehicles running in urban areas will be charging more Rs. 1 for every 4 km after the implementation of agreement. Fare of taxi will be increased by Rs. 6.58 per km.

The fare of public transportation has not been increased since one and a half years, so transportation entrepreneurs giving constant pressure on the government for public transportation fare to increase.


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