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Rs. 110 Million Goes Abroad For Lack Of Local Workers


Punarbas, Kanchanpur, Oct. 6: Rs. 110 million is going out of the country each year as brick industries in Kanchanpur are run with Indian workers for lack of local workers.

Rs. 112 million goes to India with the Indian workers from 32 industries run in various places of the district. The capital flight is due to lack of local workers in the local level.  The industries have to face shortage of workers as local workers do not want to work even in easy works in the industry.

One industry produces bricks worth Rs. 5 million in one season from November to June.  Indian workers take with them Rs. 3.5 million   at the rate of Rs. 7 per brick, said Proprietor of Akas Brick Industries, Purnarbas, Fairu Tamang.

We have to depend on foreign workers as youths of the country do not want to work in the country but say they are compelled to go for foreign jobs, said Sandesh Brick Proprietor Birbal Biswokarma.

Kanchanpur Chambers Chairman Ganesh Dutta Joshi said continual skill-oriented training is needed for unemployed youths to supply the workers lacking in the local level.

No initiative has been taken in this regard even if demanded in the local and central level in the government. Government should bring programme to solve this problem, said Joshi. He also said the capital flight can cause economic crisis in the district.

Last year, Helvetas, an INGO had run training of brick-making for the freed Kamaiyas and solved the problem partially.Capital flight can be stopped by producing workers in the local level, said Bhawani Brick Proprietor Yam Bahadur Tamang.

We are compelled to depend on Indian workers, said Mahakali Brick and Tile Association Chairman Bal Devsingh Budha, whereas, Namuna Brick Industry Proprietor Laliswor Aryal said concerned body should take initiative for resolving the problem.



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