SAGE Nepal is an organization dedicated to promote entrepreneurship among school and high school students, recently conducted the 4th edition of its regular event, ” Udeshya Junction” . 14 school students from 3 different schools attended the event where they discussed their future aims, learnt about entrepreneurship and prepared business plans for their business ideas on the Friday afternoon of 15th August at Minbhawan.


The program started by participants playing games to get acquainted to each other. Then they shared about their future aims and reasons behind choosing their aims. The discussion was followed by the screening of a few videos explaining the concept and importance of entrepreneurship. Then, Surath Giri, National Coordinator of SAGE Nepal, shared about the easy steps to start an enterprise. He says, “The formula of B-Big thinking, S-Starting Small and Q-Being Quick are the mantras to be followed for any aspiring entrepreneur.”


Then, the students worked in 3 groups to prepare a mock business plan with their ideas which they later presented in front of all the participants.


SAGE Nepal has been conducting Udeshya Junction since the second week of July and has already reached out to more than 80 students studying in different schools and plus colleges in the valley. Additionally, SAGE Nepal conducted entrepreneurship training for the students of Birgunj in the first weekend of August.


Students for Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) Nepal, is a member of the global SAGE network which is spread over 23 countries around the world. Nepal is the newest member in the network. SAGE Nepal was founded by Surath Giri and currently operates under the legal aegis of Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation.


At present SAGE Nepal’s target is to reach schools of Kathmandu and teach entrepreneurship with a curriculum at hand. It envisions a society where young people are taught entrepreneurial concepts and values from their early age so that they can become successful entrepreneurs in future and help Nepal solve its high unemployment problem.


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